How We Got Started: 

Necessity is the mother of invention. In 2002 our brother-in-law got hurt while jumping from the deck of his flatbed trailer. He lost five months work. He was asked why he didn't use his ladder rather than jump, and he said, "there is no such thing." Richard said "I will make you one." And he did.
With the R & D Richard and Jeff went to different truck stops and asked the drivers what they wanted rather than assuming what they needed. Five prototypes later Deckmate Ladder was born.
We have made a few modifications to the Ladder by adding pockets to the right side of the ladder. In the top pocket a handle is inserted to give more leverage getting onto the trailer, and the second pocket which is lower stores the handle when not in use.
Over the years this little "Red" ladder is now all over North America, Hawaii, Australia, and the United Kingdom.
This is one ladder that no driver should be without. We believe in safety and that "Professional Drivers Need Professional Tools."
Deckmate Ladder provides both these features. Ask for it by name "Deckmate Ladder."